About Forward Compliance

Our Mission

Help advertisers and site publishers to provide transparency and build trust.

Our Core Beliefs:
How it all started

Once upon a time we worked at a little company called Evidon. We were happy there, building software that helped advertisers provide transparency and choice, helping site owners build trust with their audience. Then Evidon was acquired by a big bad monster who had no interest in continuing this good work. We were sad.

But, an opportunity came up where we were able to help political advertisers provide transparency and build trust. This was right up our alley! So we took the chance and formed Forward Compliance.

That brings us to now

Our first solutions in the new business are focused on political transparency. Working with our friends at the DAAC and DAA we have put together some software that just crushes that.

What's next?

We still have our original passions so I wouldn't be surprised to see us start to offer up some additional software offerings to help businesses build trust with their customers as well as complying with various regulations (so avoiding big fines!).